Tree. Horse. Fiddler Crab?

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Anonymous asked: Just wanted to say I love your stories soo much and I love your blog. This may seem weird, but have you thought about writing about a tiny!Crowley with bobby or tiny!bobby with Crowley? ( I ship Crobby and I know you write amazing size!fics)

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you Anon!

  Well, aren’t you terribly nice for saying those things. I’m very glad that you like my blog as well as the odd things I think up and post on it, so thank you very much. I have actually thought about Tiny!Crowley or Tiny!Bobby but I’m not sure which would be more fun. Personally I’d adore having a Tiny!Crowley myself, which is why I keep gently reminding the FunkoPop company that they need to make one! Anyhoo, how about you choose which you’d like better and I will write something especially for you, since you are so sweet. I’m not much of a shipper but writing the one Crobby story was quite fun. I blame it all on my inner “Becky”; she’s a feisty one when it comes to shipping stories.

  Goodness…I’m really lucky to have such nice anons. I hope you have an awesome day!


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Tiny!Sam and Tiny!Dean’s Day Out

AKA: The author of this blog has some free time, a camera, a weird sense of humor, and a Zoo Membership.


Dean: Where are we going? 

Me: The Zoo.


Sam: Shut up Dean, at least we’re getting out.

Dean: Yeah, yeah, god forbid we go to a bar to play some pool.

Me: It’s 10:30am. There are no bars open..well at least none I’m willing to go into this time of day.

Dean: Son of a bitch…

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Family Don’t End- A Supernatural Fan Fiction

   The SPN Family lost a great young man the other day, Cody (Dakota) Stonerock, to cancer. We may have only known of him, but he’s still a part of us and always will be. Family don’t end in blood, and family isn’t just there for you when things are easy. This is dedicated to his family and friends. May they find some comfort and peace.

If you’d like to help out there are two ways:

1) Donations for funeral expenses can be given to any PNC Bank as long as you let them know who it’s for.

2) Purchase a “Gank Cancer” pin from Sew Geek Austin: »Link«. All donations with go to Cody’s Family as well as the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.


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