Tree. Horse. Fiddler Crab?

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Ep10 - Ryan and Jules talk Zombies in this the 10th episode of TV Chinwag. We talk about the BBC3 show In the flesh, in Ryan explains this is just a clever allegory for Transgenderism, and Jules says its a great show. We also talk about the giant AMC hit The Walking Dead. We also talk about a CW renewal , some casting news on Sons of Anarchy. Also we talk… oh oh., whats that noise? Oh God! They have found me.,. they are coming through the walls.,. arrrrggg…. killing me… arrggg…. brains… braiinnnnnnsssssss…


Amazon - In the Flesh

ITunesIn the Flesh, Season 1 - In the Flesh

Amazon - The Walking Dead: Season 1

ITunes - The Walking Dead, Season 1 - The Walking Dead

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This week Ryan and Jules review two TV shows SyFy’s Helix and NBC’s Hannibal. We find that these shows illicit some reactions that would seem uncharacteristic of our hosts considering the genre. We talk about the upcoming Starz show Outlander and get pissy about some of the Emmy picks.

Hannibal, Season 1 - Hannibal

Helix, Season 1 - Helix

     If you’re a Supernatural Fan and you aren’t listening to TV Chinwag, well then you deserve to be eaten by a Leviathan. Featuring the awesome Ryan Curtis from the VFX Department and the amazing Jules, founder of SuperWiki, their podcasts are funny, smart, and very informative. So listen in and follow the blog.

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