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Ryan and Jules sit down and talk with TV’s Mark Sheppard. Mark was so generous with his time, and treats us to some amazing stories from his amazing career in some of our favourite shows. We talk about Doctor Who, How he got the role, and how he got around a shooting schedule for the other show Supernatural. We are also treated to some amazing stories from his time on Battlestar Galactica.,. so yeah, it pretty much kicked all sorts of ass. Thanks to Mark for doing this. Hopefully we do part 2 / X-files and firefly. 

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  So I was challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by a high school friend of mine. If you want to watch me yammer on and then have my cousin douse me with three buckets of ice water, click ◄here►. Anyways, I decided to challenge Supernatural’s Prince of Hell, Theo Devaney.

   I hope his mum and her friend don’t hate me now…

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Keep It Cool- A Mini Supernatural Fan Fiction

  The full moon shone overhead on the hot August night as Becky bit her lower lip and stared at him from across the parking lot. She looked around cautiously, knowing she didn’t want to go over when anyone else was watching. After all, what she had to say was private. She causally walked over to where he sat on the trunk of the Impala and then smiled. “I know you don’t know me, but I’ve read all about you. I just wanted to thank you for being there for Sam and Dean,” she whispered. Unable to resist temptation, she carefully lifted up his top.

   “You’re just so strong and supportive; always around for every hunt. It’s refreshing,” Becky cooed as she slid her hand down his front. Her fingertips traced along the thin rivulets of water that trickled down as he sweated in the night air. “I wish you could be mine, Coleman” she said as she wrapped her arms around him, pressing her cheek close. She hugged him tightly, closing her eyes.

   Sam came to an abrupt stop as he headed out from the convenience store with a six pack of beer and a small bag of groceries. A troubled look clouded his perfect features as he stared at the Impala and what was going on. He cleared his throat loudly to get Becky’s attention. Her head whipped around to stare at Sam as her cheeks flushed with embarrassment that she had been caught.

   “Uh, Becky…why are you hugging the cooler?”

  This is what happens when the author of this blog hasn’t gotten enough sleep, hasn’t written in over a week, and starts following @TheGreenCooler on Twitter.

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Ryan and Jules are podcasting in the flesh, not the show in the flesh, but actually in the same room. Faceo to faceo! Our first podcast that’s not trans Atlantic. This week we talk about BBC Ripper street and Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. we breakdown our wealth of knowledge about history, and we learn a thing or two.

We also talk about the final season of The Killing, and discuss how we feel about the epilogue.

News we talk about the creative Emmys, and discuss our fav winners.

ITunes links

Ripper Street - Ripper Street

Sleepy Hollow, Season 1 - Sleepy Hollow

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callboxkat asked: Your stories never fail to make me smile. :) Also, don't worry about the delay; your own life should always come first.

      Aw shucks…that’s very nice of you to say and I’m glad that they can make you smile. The thing is I don’t want  what my “life” is right now to come first. This work situation is overpowering everything. Writing is what makes me happy; it’s what relieves a lot of stress for me and I haven’t been able to do it in a week. It frustrates me to no end to not have the time to do something I love that other people are enjoying. Now I write all the time inside my head. I do dialogue out loud when I’m driving to and from work, but I haven’t been able to get anything down here. Yes, I do some voices. Yes, it’s weird when I’m walking my dog in the cemetery (it’s a quiet and nice walk) and have to remind him, while talking like Crowley, “Don’t pee on the dead people!”

      Hopefully by the beginning of next week I’ll get back to my normal writing schedule. I wish I could explain everything that’s going on to you all, but I cannot and trust me… you’d think I was making it up it’s gotten that ridiculous. Anyways I really appreciate this note and the fact that you read my stuff in crazy binges. :D You’re so awesome!


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Anonymous asked: I love your stories! You're a really great writer.

    Anon…gosh darned it…you’re going to make me blush, which is something I don’t do. That’s terribly sweet of you to say and, since my week has gotten even more insane, this showing up before work made me very happy.

    I have to say I don’t think of myself as a great writer {I am my biggest/harshest critic} but more that I don’t suck at it. I’m so glad that you love my stories and I intend on writing here for quite some time. I wish I had more time to devote to it, but right now it’s just not in the cards.

   Which makes me just as grumpy as a majority of my readers I imagine.

    Unless you don’t like what I write, and then you’re probably quite glad that I’ve shut up for a while.

  I thank you for your kind words during a stressful time. Be sure to be getting plenty of sleep and drinking water frequently because I want you to stay well! Remember, you are awesome just the way you are.

*boops your nose in a affectionately platonic way* 😀


"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted." ~Aesop

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